was created to solve one major problem which many women (like us!) face when searching for quality affordable effective body shapers.


Shopping Malls? Way too expensive and many were just not effective

After searching for months futilely at shopping malls and retail outlets, testing expensive yet not as effective body shapers... for those that worked, they cost an arm and leg.

We wondered, are there really any body shapers that simply work and are much affordable?  So we gathered up our contacts and hunted for the best secrets our group of enthusiasts 

So we gathered up our contacts and hunted for the best secrets our group of enthusiasts could find... and yes...

We did it! Now it's time to share our secrets with you!


Finally! Affordable and effective body shapers at more than half the price at malls

We started this site sharing our finds because we have a passion for body shapers which are effective and affordable.

We love all our customers when they tell us how much better they look when they wore our body shapers. 1000s of happy customers love these products and we would love you to join us.

Cheers to a more confident you!



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